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Interactivos?'08 · Vision Play: Open call for projects (co-lead by OCAD's Simone Jones)

Medialab-Prado issues a call for the submission of projects to be
carried out as part of the Interactivos?'08: Vision Play event,
which will take place from 30 May to 14 June 2008 in Madrid, Spain. Deadline: 25th April

Project development advanced workshop
Lead by: Álvaro Cassinelli, Simone Jones

With the participation of the research group Light, space and

GVA speaking next Fri in Together Elsewhere: Toronto/Montreal/Lille

On Friday Feb. 1st, I'll be speaking in this Ryerson University-organized international conference:

Very well done, indeed.

A Croatian food company has sent out an annual report that has to be baked before it can be read.

Signals, Connections and Implications for Work and Play

Just taking an opportunity to share some of the signals and observations that have surfaced recently in my ongoing Work/Play project.

Signals: neuroplasticity research, the expert performance movement in psychology, the 'talent myth', the baby genius edutainment complex

Empowerment: Surfing the Self

Ze Frank recently used a beach/waves metaphor to describe tech-world faddiness.

His discussion recalled to me that Alex, for a time, also poked around a surfing metaphor to describe methods of adaptive inquiry.

Obsessed as I am with humanist psychology, personality theories, the work/play dichotomy and human empowerment, I offer an extension of this wave-surfing metaphor in regards to the process of ‘becoming the self.’

Strategic Vision: Work Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

I found this story last night, and found it apropos to yesterday's presentations and my current project. It is a paraphrase, as best I can remember, of an excerpt from The Gold Bug Variations by Richard Powers. Enjoy!

Story as Platform and Getting Paid in Friends

"The brick can never become Luke Skywalker, but Luke Skywalker can become the brick."

This quote from Alex perfectly encapsulates the reason that attaching Story to a toy set like Lego is an incredible value add. (edit: I mean to say it creates value. oops.) The Story serves as a Point of Departure from which the imagination is unleashed in a play space.

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