The Design Ecosystem: Designing for Emergence and Innovation II

In this paper, Beal Institute Chief Scientist Robert K. Logan and Director of Research Greg Van Alstyne explore the roles of designer, client, user, and other parties essential to the design process, and the relationships between them. The authors interrogate the interactions between bottom-up processes of emergence and those characteristically top-down activities of the designer that together give rise to a design ecosystem, capable of supporting the emergence of innovative design. They describe that environment in which the designer operates and characterize the design ecosystem’s dynamic, interdependent processes. Finally, they seek to understand the design of successful innovations of the past so as to be prescriptive about the future of design.

Re: Show and Tell contribution on Sustainability and Innovation

Contribution to Jennifer Courts Work in progress:


York University
Environmental Studies

Show & Tell: February 21, 2008

1) Beal researchers contribute their thoughts and ideas to a collective presentation on Innovation & Sustainability. Guest contributions are welcome. (Contact: )

Proposal Abstract | beal institute papers and essays

The following paragraph is an abstract proposal for Bob Logan's initiative to publish a compilation of Beal Institute members' papers and essays.

Walter Derzko's U of T ConEd program in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

I met Walter Derzko at DX's National Design Conference and am tracking his new course at U of T as it has interesting overlaps with our work.

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