Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories: An Excellent Source of Daily Vitamin DIY

This funny and prolific group blog bills itself as a place for "DIY and open source hardware for art, education, and world domination." Tongue firmly lodged in cheek, their slogan is "Making the World a Better Place, One Evil Mad Scientist at a Time."

Walter Derzko's U of T ConEd program in Innovation & Entrepreneurship

I met Walter Derzko at DX's National Design Conference and am tracking his new course at U of T as it has interesting overlaps with our work.

Signals, Connections and Implications for Work and Play

Just taking an opportunity to share some of the signals and observations that have surfaced recently in my ongoing Work/Play project.

Signals: neuroplasticity research, the expert performance movement in psychology, the 'talent myth', the baby genius edutainment complex

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