Signals, Connections and Implications for Work and Play

Just taking an opportunity to share some of the signals and observations that have surfaced recently in my ongoing Work/Play project.

Signals: neuroplasticity research, the expert performance movement in psychology, the 'talent myth', the baby genius edutainment complex

Empowerment: Surfing the Self

Ze Frank recently used a beach/waves metaphor to describe tech-world faddiness.

His discussion recalled to me that Alex, for a time, also poked around a surfing metaphor to describe methods of adaptive inquiry.

Obsessed as I am with humanist psychology, personality theories, the work/play dichotomy and human empowerment, I offer an extension of this wave-surfing metaphor in regards to the process of ‘becoming the self.’

Strategic Vision: Work Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

I found this story last night, and found it apropos to yesterday's presentations and my current project. It is a paraphrase, as best I can remember, of an excerpt from The Gold Bug Variations by Richard Powers. Enjoy!

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