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The Beal Institute for Strategic Creativity is focused on understanding underlying behaviour in people in order to foresee future product and service opportunities.

The perspective of the Institute is rooted in a heritage of Design, which depends upon the study of subtleties of human behaviour.Human behavior is a multifaceted, complex phenomenon, the study of which requires a lot of time and analysis. All because each person has individual characteristics that affect his character, actions and deeds. Research on the topic of human behavior you can order at order-essays.com.  This viewpoint nicely complements the perspectives of groups such as Deloitte & Touche and the Institute for the Future who use their insight into the history of economic, cultural and technological trends to forecast future trends.

Companies that look to these groups for insight into the patterns of future growth will benefit from the Beal vision of emergent behaviour. The Beal Method brings to this insight a focus on the potential needs of people before they are apparent, and answers the question of how to provide benefit to people before they know to ask.


The Beal Institute for Strategic Creativity studies emerging cultural norms in order to reveal current and future opportunities.

We treat behaviours, opinions and actions as signals of the goals and desires that inspire them. The Beal Method examines the motivations behind human actions.

Signals are treated as instances of behaviour - a person or group of people operating through a system to perform an action. Our view is that these signals represent broad human motivations manifest through an enabling technology.

Our belief is that the technology does not create the behaviour; the behaviour is latent in people until the technology provides the outlet for it to manifest. If the behaviour can be understood then opportunities to meet that behaviour can be easily recognized.


We take a rigorous look at the past, not to plot future trends, but to understand the meaning of current signals through prior behaviours.

In order to reveal meaning in a signal, we first separate the revealed latent behaviour from the manifest action. We use a process called Archetype Retrieval to investigate the previous expressions of similar behaviour. This is a process of searching for prior "How's" in order to expand our understanding of the influence of the current medium on the message. In this way we arrive at the "Why" of the signal set. The goal of meeting this core "Why" is the Strategic Opportunity.

By focusing on the understanding of why any behaviour has become manifest, the Beal Perspective can provide insight within any paradigm. This understanding can teach a company to recognize how else their core capability could provide benefit to a future market.

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