SummerCamp Dance Party at CiRCA

CaseCamp along with its sponsors transform CiRCA into ground zero for Toronto’s creative communities: art, design, communications, technology, media, social change and entrepreneurship. DJs, interactive art, and the closest friends you haven’t met celebrating their passion for participatory culture, creative practice and society.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008 from 9:00 PM to closing time

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories: An Excellent Source of Daily Vitamin DIY

This funny and prolific group blog bills itself as a place for "DIY and open source hardware for art, education, and world domination." Tongue firmly lodged in cheek, their slogan is "Making the World a Better Place, One Evil Mad Scientist at a Time."

Halting State, a fiction on gaming technology

Charles Stross at Google speaking on his new book Halting State.

Barack Obama and Technology

Video of Barack Obama giving a speech at Google on his vision, if to become President, for technological innovation policies.

Passion Project Outline: Nature Happens

The thesis of this project begins with what it means to be a human living amongst other humans in the natural world and what it will take to continue doing so.

In Person at OCAD: Dr. Katherine Hayles

Bob Logan and I met Katherine Hayles in Mexico City at the MEA conference. We proposed to bring her to Toronto in a speaking event as a first step in establishing a relationship between Dr. Hayles and the Beal Institute. Please don't miss this chance to hear an unparalleled scholar of humanism and science, speaking about the future of dataspace. --Greg

Katherine Hayles presents "RFID: Human Agency and Meaning in Information-Intensive Environments"

6:30pm, Wednesday October 3, 2007
OCAD Auditorium


Who Owns What in Web 2.0

From a quick summary of Who owns what in the world of internet platforms, applications, and companies. A larger, readable version is available here.

Word Rant: Technology

This post on We Make Money Not Art is Regine's notes on an address delivered by the architect Usman Haque titled "I Hate Technology" - which was the keynote of a conference called We Love Technology in England, 2 weeks ago.

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