In Person at OCAD: Dr. Katherine Hayles

Bob Logan and I met Katherine Hayles in Mexico City at the MEA conference. We proposed to bring her to Toronto in a speaking event as a first step in establishing a relationship between Dr. Hayles and the Beal Institute. Please don't miss this chance to hear an unparalleled scholar of humanism and science, speaking about the future of dataspace. --Greg

Katherine Hayles presents "RFID: Human Agency and Meaning in Information-Intensive Environments"

6:30pm, Wednesday October 3, 2007
OCAD Auditorium


Open Creative Communities

Official Friend of Beal Mark Kuznicki recently posted an excellent essay about the power of self-organizing, affinity-based creative human clusters - what he calls Open Creative Communities. There is some incredible thematic overlap between his essay and our Everything Media discussions. It's a six-minute read.

Empowerment: Surfing the Self

Ze Frank recently used a beach/waves metaphor to describe tech-world faddiness.

His discussion recalled to me that Alex, for a time, also poked around a surfing metaphor to describe methods of adaptive inquiry.

Obsessed as I am with humanist psychology, personality theories, the work/play dichotomy and human empowerment, I offer an extension of this wave-surfing metaphor in regards to the process of ‘becoming the self.’

Designing Systems with Emergent Behavior at BayCHI

Thanks to Kelly for showing me this: a recent Bay Area ACM SigCHI panel on "Designing Systems with Emergent Behavior" featured Tim Brown (IDEO), Peter Merholz (Adaptive Path), Larry Cornett (Yahoo), and Joy Mountford (Yahoo), and was moderated by Rashmi Sinha.

Peter Merholtz blogged his thoughts here:

Core77 offers a rundown of the event here:

And the organization's event page is here:

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