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"What Science offers the Humanities: Integrating Body and Culture"

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"For years humanists have been heralding the end of the great age of Theory. But no one can agree on what comes next. Edward Slingerland knows what comes next: a turn toward science. No one with an interest in where the humanities have recently been, and where they will now be going, can afford to miss out on What Science Offers the Humanities." --Jonathan Gottschall, Washington and Jefferson College

"Inquiry into what it means to be human has been hindered by an artificial separation of the humanities and science. Historically, adherence to this separation has been a minority position - one whose intellectual damage Slingerland shrewdly appraises and sets out to repair. This is an intelligent and timely project." - Mark Turner, Case Western Reserve University.


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Unlearning to Relearning

C.P. Snow's famous Rede lecture The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution might have been the necessary unlearning (in 1959) to preface the integrative vision suggested by Slingerland's title. Great wikipedia entry on The Two Cultures here.

In 1998 E.O. Wilson published Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge (wikipedia entry) which also sounds delicious. His definition of consilience:

"Literally a jumping together of knowledge by the linking of facts and fact-based theory across disciplines to create a common groundwork for explanation."

I like the idea of a jumping together rather than jumping across. Hybrids instead of transplants.

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