CREATE 2008 conference on creating innovative interactions

24-25 June 2008, British Computer Society, Covent Garden, London

CREATE 2008 is a 2-day conference about creating innovative interactions, whether digital consumer products, interactive services or interaction paradigms. A conference where the
emphasis is on sharing the wealth of creative ideas we have developed to resolve problems, to create new capabilities, or new functions; where the aim is to spawn further creative designs that can make a difference to people.

This year's theme is "embedding people-centred design in the process of innovation". How do we work together as designers and HCI specialists to come up with people-centred design, and how do we work with others to make our designs a reality?

CREATE 2008 will also feature the CREATE Design Showcase - a forum for people to exhibit and discuss their latest ideas. Visitors to the Design Showcase can engage with a range of innovative
and adventurous projects and meet the designers who created them.

Keynote speakers include:

* Benedict Davies (Google) "Lost in music: When should a phone not be a phone"

* Lucy Stockbridge (Serco) "Integrating people-centred design and innovation processes"

* Britta Burlin (Whirlpool) "Useful, usable & desirable: how Whirlpool Corporation finds balance in
product development"

Please note that registration closes on Thursday 19 June.

Provisional Programme:

"Gaining Insight in (Assessing) Sharing Experiences by means of a Probing Diary Study" Albertine Visser, Technical University Eindhoven

"Design case study of an innovative gesture-based pointing device" Tin-Kai (Ken) Chen, De Montfort University

"Design of emergency response displays in air traffic control" Hugh David, R & D Hastings

"The recipe station': facilitating social interaction in a public environment" Marc Mc Loughlin, University Of Limerick

"Capturing the User Experience" Linda Hole, Bournemouth University

"Scientists are from Mars, developers are from Venus, and the designers are from..." Catriona Macaulay, University of Dundee

"Experiencing the future: Rapid experiential prototyping" Gary Davis, Davis Associates

"Design by Wizard of Oz: A Novel Architecture" Jay Bradley, Napier University

"Comparison of Infra-red and ARToolkit tracking for gesture and pose recognition", Stephen Gaukrodger, Middlesex University

"Using familiar and novel technologies to explore expert behaviour and context of use" Suzette Keith, Middlesex University

"Mass participation and ubiquitous technology" Nicola Smyth, BBC

"MotorcycleSim: a user centred approach for an innovative motorcycle simulator" Alex Stedmon, University of Nottingham

"Evaluation of multimodal interaction design tool" Sarah Sharples, University of Nottingham

"Future design: Human-centered innovation and the case of the 3D-in-2D displays" William Wong, Middlesex University

The full programme and registration form are available from:

CREATE is jointly organised by the Ergonomics Society HCI Group and the British Computer Society's Interaction Specialist Group.

Stephen Boyd Davis
Reader in Interactive Media
Head, Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts
Middlesex University, Cat Hill, Barnet, Herts EN4 8HT
United Kingdom
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