Daniel Pink at Poptech on the Coming Ascendency of Right-Brain Thinking

In this entertaining video/audio podcast, business author Daniel Pink argues that new economic forces are devaluing late 20th century, linear, rules-based business thinking in favour of the "artistic, empathic and inventive" -- toward what we might call, in a word, "design thinking." Themes he explores are highly similar to those stressed by former Beal Institute director, Alexander Manu. For example, Pink outlines the three critical forces driving the shift: affluence, Asia, and automation. http://www.poptech.org/popcasts/popcasts.aspx?lang=&viewcastid=158

"Provocateur Daniel Pink has built a career on his keen insights into business, technology and the economy. Engaging, enlightening and funny, the best-selling author heralds a new job market—one that devalues the logical and rule-based in favor of the artistic, empathic and inventive."

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