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Lenore RichardsLenore Richards BID MID

Executive Director

As Executive Director, Lenore Richards works closely with the Beal staff in developing and executing the strategic direction for the institute which includes a strong focus on educational initiatives. 

Lenore brings to the Beal 18 years of experience in academic leadership at the Ontario College of Art & Design, having held the positions of Co-Chair of the Environmental Design program and more recently, Dean of the Faculty of Design.  Her belief in the critical importance of integrating innovative thinking with responsive and responsible design led to the development of a philosophical base in the design programs of ‘Design and Humanity’, which subsequently was embedded in the curriculum through a complete redevelopment of Design’s six programs. Read full bio...


Michelle DesGroseilliers

Michelle DesGroseilliers bdes

Manager of Research & Operations

In addition to her role in research and development activities at the BISC, Michelle DesGroseilliers is the organizational hub for the leadership, research and concept generation of the rest of the creative team. As a creative consultant for numerous clients, including D3: Discover|Define|Design, the incubator which would eventually become the BISC, she has worked in the development of intellectual property, information and web architecture, and the shaping of creative content from raw data to concise deliverables. These experiences contributed to the creation of a skill suite including information structuring, mapping and presentation; creative writing and editing; resource management; innovation, scenario generation and technology research. Read full bio...


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Mathew Lincez

Mathew Lincez BDes

Foresight Lead

Mathew Lincez is a key innovation generator on the creative team at the BISC, using his incisive research skills to bring unique and startling concepts and innovations to the table. Mathew has had a life-long interest in urban art in public space, and is a nationally recognized urban artist. His work has been displayed in the Art Gallery of Ontario and published globally, most notably in Under Pressure Magazine in 2001, and more recently he presented Le Confiture: A Jam Jarring Cultural Preserves at MiT’s annual Media in Transition conference. His interest in urban art forms, especially those which transgress socio-cultural boundaries, has led to an awareness of alternative forms of literacy, semiotics, and iconography. As well, an exhaustive inquiry into participatory cultures has generated an understanding of creative content, awareness and empowerment, signaling a fundamental shift towards new models of human behaviour. Read full bio...


Robert K Logan

Robert K Logan BSc PhD

Research Affiliate

Robert Logan, a Professor Emeritus (Physics) at the University of Toronto, is a prolific researcher, writer and consultant whose professional history and research encompasses an extensive, interdisciplinary range of knowledge and practice. An award-winning writer with current concentrations in linguistics, media ecologies and biomimetic emergence, education and technological impact, Bob has consulted for the Right Honourable Pierre Trudeau, former Prime Minister of Canada, has written with Marshall McLuhan, and has contributed to innumerable organizations and boards as member and director. As well, Bob has taught physics and communications for over four decades. Read full bio...


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Greg Van Alstyne

Greg Van Alstyne BA

Research Affiliate

An Associate Professor at the Ontario College of Art & Design, Greg Van Alstyne is an accomplished design educator and creative director who brings a diverse portfolio of interaction and graphic design, art direction and management, and concept generation to the BISC. Currently completing his MSc at the Integrated Digital Media Institute, Polytechnic University in Brooklyn, Greg was the inaugural Director of the Institute without Boundaries, a post-graduate, interdisciplinary design program established between Bruce Mau Design and George Brown – Toronto City College. He directed and mentored student teams in the conception, design and production of the multi-platform Massive Change project, facilitating major exhibitions, various texts and products, public events and the project's graphic identity. Read full bio...


Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas bdes

Research Associate

Recently completing his Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design at the Ontario College of Art & Design, Richard Thomas excels at the retrieval of knowledge and insight by recognizing disruptive behaviours and mapping their future potential. With a focus on participatory content and concept generation, Ricky has worked and interned as a consultant for publishing and design firms, in graphic and product design, illustration, art direction and editing. He also contributed to the inquiry surrounding future directions with ORION, a research and education network linking research institutions, universities and colleges in Ontario. Read full bio...


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Mark Outhwaite

Mark Outhwaite BDes

Research Assistant

Mark Outhwaite joined the BISC in May of 2006, having recently completed his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at the Ontario College of Art and Design. He brings applied curiosity and insights into the strategic possibilities of the future, to develop a higher resolution image of the territories where digital cultures reside. Mark’s experiences prior to coming to the BISC include pursuits in illustration and understanding the languages of math and science, along with various other creative and compelling disciplines. These inquiries have found within the BISC a deeper and more expansive medium in which to grow.

Sady Ducros

Sady Ducros BDES

Research Assistant

Sady Ducros is an industrial designer and consultant whose diverse experiences are central to his human-centred approach and inquiry. His research generates insightful patterns in human nature, play and experimentation, active participation and education. In addition to his Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design from the Ontario College of Art and Design, Sady has a Diploma in Graphic Design and Advertising from George Brown College. Read full bio...

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Annie Spencer

Annie Spencer

Research Assistant

Annie Spencer is a writer, poet and new media artist whose conceptual and integrative approach to interaction, storytelling and game behaviour bring to the BISC a sharp and incisive perspective. In the past Annie has provided research and consultation for independent documentary channels, film and television productions, and artist-run galleries. Annie recently graduated from the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab where she co-produced the absurdist machinima short “Shanghai Gallery”, as a prototype model for interactive online broadcast. Annie’s interdisciplinary participation in the multi-media landscape creates valuable and strategic conversation to the BISC’s research initiatives, recently presenting at the Women in Games conference at the University of Wales, Newport.


Isabelle Rousset

Isabelle Rousset

Research Associate

Isabelle Rousset brings a diverse and dedicated range of experiences to the BISC, having excelled at detecting possibilities and exploring new opportunities in concept generation, product design and brand development in previous undertakings. After studying film and industrial design at the Ontario College of Art & Design, Isabelle expanded her repertoire to include digital production and international web-based initiatives. Her intuitive and curious approach, as well as her capability to continually challenge accepted knowledge, creates a strong philosophical and behaviour-driven perspective in her research, focusing on expanding new potentials in innovation, play and business.

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Jenn Court

Jenn Court BDES

Research Assistant

A graduate of the industrial design program at OCAD, Jennifer is currently completing her Master’s degree in Environmental Studies, and a concurrent graduate diploma in Business and the Environment. In her work she bridges the disciplines of environmental studies, industrial design, and education, with a focus on real world applicability. Specifically, she is interested in the consequences of life in the built environment, particularly practical ways to integrate ecologically responsible practices into urban life. She brings these interests to her work at the BISC, where her major project will involve an examination of the current environmental movement, and its connection to human behaviour. Jennifer’s professional experience includes sustainability consulting, freelance graphic design, education, and administration. The broad skill suite gained from these experiences gives Jennifer a unique perspective and makes her a valuable member of the BISC team.


Denise Pinto

Denise Pinto

Research Assistant

Denise Pinto joined the BISC in the summer of 2007, and she is currently completing her Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at the Ontario College of Art & Design. Denise’s intuition and inquiry is fuelled by strong interest in the new literacies, ethos and behaviours of innovation and innovation frameworks. Her collaborative approach towards concept generation and strategic development brings unique insight and opportunity to the BISC.


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Adam Hotchin

Adam Hotchin B.Sc.

IT Lead

Adam Hotchin graduated from the University of Waterloo with a B.Sc. in Physics and a specialization in Astrophysics. The appearance of World Wide Web careers occurred at the same time, and so he has been learning and working in this field ever since. In addition to providing IT support and direction to the BISC, Adam was partly responsible for providing the first on-line store in Canada to allow consumers to order phones and service over the Internet, as well as consulting for several multi-national corporations.

Gregory Milavsky

Senior Managing Director, Canterbury Park Management Inc.

Kathy Henderson

Director of Brand Marketing, Whirlpool Canada

J. Anthony Caldwell

Chair, OCAD Board of Governors, Ontario College of Art & Design

Sara Diamond

President, Ontario College of Art & Design

Maneesh Mehta

Partner, Deloitte

Lenore Richards (Ex-officio)

Executive Director, Beal Institute for Strategic Creativity Inc.

Michelle DesGroseilliers (Ex-officio)

Manager of Research & Operations, Beal Institute for Strategic Creativity Inc.

Ilkka Heino

Ilkka Heino

Research Assistant

A recent BA graduate of the University of Art and Design, Helsinki School of Industrial Design, with a minor in International Design Business Management (IBDM), Ilkka Heino joined the BISC in March 2007. In co-operation with the IDBM Progamme, he collaborated on BISC projects as well as working on his own independent research in support of his Master's thesis. Read full bio...

Terry Woods

Terry Woods bdes

Research Assistant

Terry Woods joined the Beal Institute for Strategic Creativity in the summer of 2006 as a student intern. Along with completing his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design at the Ontario College of Art & Design, Terry explored the values and practicalities of community formation and business models through his thesis “Canadian Craft Connection.” Terry brought an insightful and intuitive perspective to BISC research and initiatives, identifying patterns and developing strategic opportunities in community, education and design.

Mark Poon

Mark Poon bdes

Research Assistant

Recently completing his Bachelor’s of Design in Graphic design from the Ontario College of Art & Design, Mark Poon joined the BISC in the summer of 2006 as one of two first place winners in the BISC Inaugural Duality & Dataspace competition. His entry paper explored the relationships between intelligent objects, avatars and users. Mark also won 2nd and 3rd place in the Ontario College of Art & Design Annual Design Competition, in 2004 and 2005. Prior to working at the BISC, Mark interned with the Mobile Digital Commons Network, a national mobile network project connecting OCAD, Banff Centre for the Arts and Hexagram Labs at Concordia University.

Ulla Seppanen

Ulla SeppAnen

Research Associate

As a visiting research associate from Finland's InnoSpa innovation consultancy, Ulla brought together the Beal and Innospa innovation methods as coordinator of the Playful Minds project, an exploration of the cultural themes and behaviours of play. Playful Minds is undertaken in collaboration with Lappset, a Finnish company that is the European leader in creating outdoor play environments for children.

Ulla graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology with a Master of Science degree in landscape architecture. She is currently pursuing another Master's in Consumer Economics at Helsinki University.

Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones BSc AOCAD

Insight Lead

A philosophical and intuitive member of the creative team at the BISC, Matthew Jones puts his diverse educational background to work by tackling the big questions and seeing the whole picture, often taking a position beyond accepted boundaries and inspiring unusual angles of approach. Before graduating with an Associate's Diploma in Industrial Design from the Ontario College of Art & Design, Matthew studied Discrete Mathematics at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He completed his Bachelor of Science with honours in 2000, demonstrating an exceptional aptitude for the subtlety of rigorous logical processes.

Matthew has provided research and design services as an independent consultant through a firm launched with his OCAD colleagues as well as D3: Discover|Define|Design, a think tank which would eventually become the BISC. His contributions in the areas of trend analysis, expansion and concept-linking; creative writing; product-specific innovation scenarios; point of departure development; detailed product disclosure expansion and big picture presentations were important factors in the initial success of the project. His strategic inquiry into the potential opportunities and applications of Dataspace and overlapping technologies, as well as collaborative projects with Motorola and Whirlpool, have emphasized Matthew's ability to extract knowledge, analyze trends and parse the patterns in emerging human behaviours.

Kelly Seagram

Kelly Seagram

Research Assistant

An analytical and prolific developer of creative and economic disclosures, Kelly Seagram brought a lateral and incisive perspective to the creative team at the BISC. She has worked and interned as a researcher, writer and consultant in business development, media and publishing, and public relations with various companies such as Nike Canada, CTV News, the Toronto International Film Festival and Canadian Living Magazine. She is currently completing her Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design at OCAD.

Kelly's focus of research challenges and extends the potential of changing economies and social currencies, developing conceptual maps for the emergence of new literacies and platforms in innovation and education. Her strategic analysis and development of future opportunities generates contextual new directions in design, technology and business.

Alexander Manu

Alexander Manu RCA MDA

Director & Founder

Alexander Manu founded and served as Director of the Beal Institute for Strategic Creativity. As principal of a development and applied research consultancy established in 1980 in Toronto, he has been committed to enabling global companies develop policies and strategies that addressed emerging issues through the development of strategic intellectual property and pre-competitive business models. Currently Alexander is involved in the development of new learning ecologies, new strategic business competencies and pre-competitive innovation methods that integrate a broad range of skills; he specializes in the application of play behavior in strategic innovation methodologies, new economic and business models and the creation of compelling user experiences.

Alexander has a unique ability as a conceptual creator; his imaginative frameworks lead to the discovery of new and innovative paths, and the creation of experiences that evoke emotion, insight and understanding. He believes that the exploration of possibility requires imagination as a prerequisite for strategic change and innovation. A member of various national and international professional and advisory boards, he has been involved in an exceptional and sustained activity as an international lecturer, giving over 100 lectures in 22 countries. He is the author of the books: “The Imagination Challenge: Points of Departure for Strategic Creativity and Innovation” , 2006, "ToolToys: Tools with an Element of Play", 1995, and "The Big Idea of Design", 1999. Alexander is a Professor at the Ontario College of Art and Design and teaches “Strategic Foresight for Pre-Competitive Innovation” at the Rotman School of Management in Toronto.

Michele Perras

Michele Perras BFA

Research Associate

Michele Perras is an intuitive and insightful member of the creative team at the BISC, whose multidisciplinary experience and focus on human-centred, participatory design supports a diverse range of research interests. After graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Material Art & Design from the Ontario College of Art & Design, Michele developed an extensive portfolio of skills through her studio, exhibiting her work nationally and garnering awards. In addition, Michele was a consultant to art galleries, design studios and national publications. Michele's research explores the relationships and patterns in social formations and communities, new models of learning and knowledge and the role of emergence in design and business.

With Alexander Manu, Michele developed an exhaustive and innovative body of research and provided editorial support for The Imagination Challenge, Alexander's most recent investigation into the potentialities of emerging behaviours and strategic creativity. Michele's ability to strategically extract knowledge and develop content generated a discerning inquiry into emergence, ecologies of behaviour, cognition and play, and innovative methodologies for education and business. Her collaborative approach and insightful analysis identifies opportunities within the meaningful exchange of knowledge.

Priscilla LiPriscilla Li

Research Assistant

Priscilla joined the BISC in the summer of 2006 as one of two first place winners in the Beal Inaugural Duality & Dataspace competition. Her entry paper explored the relationship between users and their avatars in an Internet of Things environment. Prior to working at the Beal Institute, Priscilla was an assistant designer for Ematerial Studios Inc., a graphic & web designer for the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID), and a graphic designer & presentation developer for the Virtual Museum of Canada (VMC). Her work for the Virtual Museum of Canada’s “Community Memories” project has been featured in the Canadian Heritage Information Network (CHIN) colloquium at EXPO 2005 World Exposition in Aichi, Japan.

Priscilla has an ongoing interest in design education, taking on the role of a researcher for the Game Design Program at the George Brown School of Design. She won First Place Student Competition Project Implementation Award at the Ontario College of & Design Annual Design Competition and assisted in writing and developing the curriculum for a one-year multidisciplinary course integrating research, future forecasting, and brand development into a professionally executed design project from conceptualization to implementation, to launch in September 2007. She is currently completing her Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design at OCAD.

Matthew Fraser

Matthew Fraser BDes

Research Assistant

A recent BDes graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, Matthew joined the BISC in the summer of 2007 after completing his undergraduate thesis project on the Profitability of Domestic Organic Waste. Prior to working at the Beal Institute, Matt has worked on numerous undertakings exploring the relationships between business and environmental ecologies. His previous research projects include exploring the role of design in maintaining cultural equilibrium, sustainable and emotionally responsive urban lighting, and sustainable packaging. Matt was also a part of the joint design practicum between the OCAD and the Joseph Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto exploring Organic Waste Design Strategies. Matt will be starting his Masters degree in Industrial Ecology at the Delft University of Technology in the fall of 2007.

Jae Yeon KwakJae Yeon (Jasmin) Kwak

Research Assistant

Jae Yeon’s diverse range of skills and experience complimented the creative team at the BCSC. Her strong leadership capabilities and exceptional communication abilities have been extensively developed through her work in graphic and industrial design and her experience with creative direction. Jae Yeon was the BCSC Liaison with the Seoul Design Centre in Korea, a relationship that focuses on the development of key business strategies and opportunities which align the BCSC's methods, philosophies and practice with Korea's current economic and industrial climate. She is currently completing her Bachelor of Industrial Design degree at the Ontario College of Art & Design, and will be attending the Domus Academy to begin her Masters Degree in the coming fall.

Catharine Macintosh

Catharine Macintosh BA BDes

Research Associate

Catharine Macintosh is an environmental designer and consultant whose diverse professional experiences and human-centred approach to design translated into deeply creative and insightful contributions to the BCSC team. As well as her extensive work representing both the Canadian Embassy and Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Washington, DC, she has also worked as an analyst for Public Works & Government Services Canada. Since graduating with a Bachelor of Design in Environmental Design from the Ontario College of Art & Design, Catharine has provided accredited LEED consulting in environmental, architectural and graphic design for Kleinfeldt Mychajlowycz Architects in Toronto, developing system benchmarks and modeling for various projects.

In collaboration with two other researchers at the BCSC, Catharine developed ambient experience mapping and research for the BCSC-Philips project Dynamic Spaces/Dynamic Identity. Her strategic and innovative inquiry into the latent opportunities of the hospitality industry for DSDI focused on ambient environments, interaction design, perceptual lens and persona scripting, experimental methodologies for analysis and filtering, and user-centred, sensorial experiences.

Martha Ladly

Martha Ladly AOCA RGD MCSD

Senior Research Associate

Martha Ladly is an Associate Professor of Design at the Ontario College of Art and Design, teaching interactive and multimedia design, graphic information structures and content development in the Faculty of Design. She is a mentor with the Canadian Film Centre's Interactive Project Lab and a faculty member with the Habitat Interactive Art and Entertainment Program. Prior to her appointment at OCAD, Martha was the Creative Director of HorizonZero; a web-based, digital art publication created in collaboration with the Banff New Media Institute and Culture.ca. Martha also lived in the UK for 20 years, working as a musician and a graphic designer, and from 1992 to 2001 she worked with Peter Gabriel as the head of Real World Design, Editor of Real World Notes and a Producer for Real World MultiMedia.

Martha's extensive professional practice was drawn upon in the development of print and web-based content, information structuring and art direction at the BCSC. Working collaboratively with other members of the creative team, as well as external design firms, she contributed her design expertise in project and concept management towards the generation of the BCSC's graphic and structural identity.

Job Rutgers

Job Rutgers RCA MDA

Senior Research Associate

Job Rutgers brought a strong professional history of industrial and environmental design to the development of conceptual property and industry partnerships at the BCSC. An Associate Professor in the Faculty of Design at the Ontario College of Art & Design, he specializes in the strategic direction and implementation of ambient experiences. Prior to teaching at OCAD, Job was a Senior Design Consultant at Philips Design in Holland, where he managed and realized a wide range of projects focusing on the creation of ambient experiences, tools for learning and knowledge exchange, communal narrative and experience maps.

In addition, Rutgers facilitated a collaborative partnering between Philips Design and the BCSC, managing the Dynamic Spaces/Dynamic Identity project. In association with two other members of the BCSC's creative team, Rutgers directed inquiry into possible opportunities within the hotel and hospitality industry. Through extensive field research and multiple methodologies, the potentialities for meaningful ambient experiences were identified, mapped and developed. Rutgers' talent for the creation of innovative content and design practice, as well as his strengths in conceptual management, enrich the depth of his research and ensure its overall success.

Joshua Brassé

Joshua Brassé AOCAD

Research Associate

A versatile and prolific developer of innovative content at the BCSC, Joshua Brassé honed his skills in the creation of strategic intellectual property concepts, experience mapping and information structuring as a consultant with D3: Discover|Define|Design, which would eventually become the BCSC. With a diverse scope of applied research concentrating on strategic scenario generation, graphic information structures, virtual community and economy, and the application of play behaviour, he integrates these frames of inquiry into the development of compelling user experiences.

Joshua graduated at the top of his class with an Associate's Diploma in Industrial Design from the Ontario College of Art & Design. His work has been recognized with awards, prizes and scholarships. Most notably, his acclaimed thesis project, HYPARcraft (Hydroplane, Yaw, Pitch And Roll watercraft) was recognized for its excellence at the 2003 Rocket Awards. As well, research and consultation with companies such as Motorola, Whirlpool, Hip Gear, Ingenico, Psion Teklogix, Holophone and Jacuzzi, allowed Joshua's industrial design and entrepreneurial expertise to support the creative analysis and strategic value of his research. His precise and imaginative approach often provides the catalyst for identifying opportunities.

Karen King

Research Assistant

Vanessa Harden

Research Assistant

Shay Steinberg

Research Assistant


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