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Mathew Lincez

Mathew Lincez BDes

Foresight Lead

Mathew Lincez is a key innovation generator on the creative team at the BISC, using his incisive research skills to bring unique and startling concepts and innovations to the table. Mathew has had a life-long interest in urban art in public space, and is a nationally recognized urban artist. His work has been displayed in the Art Gallery of Ontario and published globally, most notably in Under Pressure Magazine in 2001, and more recently he presented Le Confiture: A Jam Jarring Cultural Preserves at MiT’s annual Media in Transition conference. His interest in urban art forms, especially those which transgress socio-cultural boundaries, has led to an awareness of alternative forms of literacy, semiotics, and iconography. As well, an exhaustive inquiry into participatory cultures has generated an understanding of creative content, awareness and empowerment, signaling a fundamental shift towards new models of human behaviour.

These areas of research and an aptitude for strong insights bring Mathew to the forefront of peripheral movements, contributing to his strong talents in conceptual design, user interaction, ideal experience mapping and industrial design. He graduated with a Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design from the Ontario College of Art & Design, and was involved in the development of strategic intellectual property and consultation with D3: Discover|Define|Design, which would eventually become the BISC. Mathew's extensive background in creating innovative content and analysis shape the strategic directions of research, education and business initiatives.

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