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Richard Thomas

Richard Thomas bdes

Research Associate


Recently completing his Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design at the Ontario College of Art & Design, Richard Thomas excels at the retrieval of knowledge and insight by recognizing disruptive behaviours and mapping their future potential. With a focus on participatory content and concept generation, Ricky has worked and interned as a consultant for publishing and design firms, in graphic and product design, illustration, art direction and editing. He also contributed to the inquiry surrounding future directions with ORION, a research and education network linking research institutions, universities and colleges in Ontario.

Ricky collaboratively generated concepts and directions into new forms of ambient experience design with the BISC-Philips project Dynamic Spaces/ Dynamic Identity. The focus of the project maps the shifting relationships between identity and persona scripting, socio-cultural constructs, and transitional spaces within the hospitality industry. Ricky's adaptive methodologies for strategic analysis and disclosure generate flexible, innovative platforms for the emergence of new behaviours, human-centred design and experience mapping. His most recent published work, A New Dialogue, can be found in the DeSForM European Workshop on Design & Semantics of Form & Movement in Eindhoven.

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