NOTE: This project was an internal case study designed to explore the charette model, and is not affiliated with or endorsed by Nortel Networks. It was intended to develop a structure for subsequent explorations.

As a company with a longstanding history as a pioneer and visionary in its industry, Nortel has in recent years been dogged by fiscal mismanagement, a series of short-lived CEO’s and a lack of the cohesive leadership values and vision that once made it Canada’s premiere business. In order to return to prominence, Nortel needs an image overhaul in addition to a positive management strategy. And it must be more than PR posturing: this new perception must be built on doing, not just saying.

The technological side of Nortel is one of the strongest in the industry, regardless of management issues, and must be leveraged to re-create the culture of trust and stability that still exists with their highest level consumers. They demonstrate their passion for innovation in their strong funding of R&D and are already dedicated to a strategy of unifying their product line with their communication line. All they need is a vision of why.

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