NOTE: This project was not affiliated with any company or existing technology, but rather intended to explore the charette model in relation to ideas, theories and cultural content with the purpose of extending understanding and discourse.

This charette draws from the previous work of the Media project team, with the goal of eliciting the maximum amount of relevant material and inspirational breakthrough concepts, and to curate these results in a coherent and skillful way.  This involved:

Hindsight: Preliminary research into media forms as they exist, and have existed throughout natural history.

Insight: Advanced filtering and reformation of preexisting archetypes so as to relate detectable precedents to their (consequential) progressive and future counter-parts and complements.

Foresight: Soundings of how progressive and emerging forms are affecting the current situation, thus directing humankind’s intellectual and social energies towards profitable undertakings in future. Foresight isn’t implied here as only preparing for a future objective, but committing oneself to a strategy of surpassing it. Say and think what isn’t said or thought– mediate between that which is presently sensed, and the unimaginable demands that will be placed on media in future.

A Media Manifesto: A Declaration of Hope, Empowerment and Will
Inquiry, Thoughts and Expansions on The Condtion of Becoming

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