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Matthew Jones

Matthew Jones BSc AOCAD

Insight Lead

A philosophical and intuitive member of the creative team at the BISC, Matthew Jones puts his diverse educational background to work by tackling the big questions and seeing the whole picture, often taking a position beyond accepted boundaries and inspiring unusual angles of approach. Before graduating with an Associate's Diploma in Industrial Design from the Ontario College of Art & Design, Matthew studied Discrete Mathematics at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He completed his Bachelor of Science with honours in 2000, demonstrating an exceptional aptitude for the subtlety of rigorous logical processes.

Matthew has provided research and design services as an independent consultant through a firm launched with his OCAD colleagues as well as D3: Discover|Define|Design, a think tank which would eventually become the BISC. His contributions in the areas of trend analysis, expansion and concept-linking; creative writing; product-specific innovation scenarios; point of departure development; detailed product disclosure expansion and big picture presentations were important factors in the initial success of the project. His strategic inquiry into the potential opportunities and applications of Dataspace and overlapping technologies, as well as collaborative projects with Motorola and Whirlpool, have emphasized Matthew's ability to extract knowledge, analyze trends and parse the patterns in emerging human behaviours.

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