Projects by Beal:

Faculty of Design, Ontario College of Art & Design: THINK TANK/CONVERGENCE

Fall Semester 2006, Projects by Richard Thomas, Mathew Lincez
Projects for this course were developed and delivered by Beal Institute Research Associates in partnership with Todd Falkowsky in this course, a continuation of the 2nd year 'Think Tank/Creative Intersections'. This studio/seminar course extends the discussion regarding designers' societal responsibilities. From current cultural, political, social or economic issues, specific topics will be determined early in the course, providing the student with the opportunity to fully research, debate, strategize,
innovate, and then develop achievable solutions to their selected topic. This interdisciplinary course will address the Faculty of Design's primary mandate, 'Design and Humanity'

Courses that the Beal Institute for Strategic Creativity

Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto: STRATEGIC FORESIGHT & INNOVATION

Fall Semester 2007, Alexander Manu, Matthew Jones
This course explores the basic and applied methodologies used to discover signals that create patterns of emergence. These methodologies reveal the possibilities present at the intersection between latent needs and current technology and create the capability of redefining and innovating beneficial products, services and systems that realign people's needs and wants with the potential of new technology and the capabilities of organizations. The outcome is strategic foresight that aligns corporate strategy and business models to the challenge of the shifting technology and behavioural

The goal of the course is to develop the imaginative mindset required to nourish and trigger the imagination of individuals, inspire discovery and learning in teams and transform the result into innovative business goals that focus on offering deep human benefit. Students will develop the ability of using foresight in innovation strategies and gain the experience of using and integrating these methods as an everyday management function.


Faculty of Design, Ontario College of Art & Design: EXPLORATION, INSIGHT AND FORESIGHT IN DESIGN

Fall Semester 2006, Alexander Manu, Matthew Jones
This course explores the basic and applied research methodologies that seek to discover signals that create patterns of emergence and explores the significant possibilities at the intersection of new technology and experiences, spaces and products. Precedent analysis, research of related issues, scenario building and a progressive definition of the design opportunity combined with the insights gained from user understanding, help the student refine an effective methodology and identify innovative development opportunities. Research will be prepared as printed documents and digital presentations.


Fall Semester 2006, Mathew Lincez
This course will introduce students to play behaviour as it is relevant to the field of digital game design. Game design and theory, human factors, ethics, and precedent research will be explored in the context of games as media for learning and for entertainment. The cultural impact of games will be discussed, and an overview of the process, models, and common issues in educational games and games for entertainment will be provided. An introductory project will focus on the basic play aspects and structures of effective games, followed by the development of a simple digital game involving storyline development, navigation, art direction and prototype

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